Archive / May 2017

  • Poke Magazine / May 12, 2017

    Poke Magazine is the official publication of the Alberta Diabetes Foundation. Published bi-annually with Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter issues, it celebrates those flourishing while living with diabetes. With encouraging patient stories to articles featuring the innovative accomplishments of clinicians and researchers, Poke engages all those that are closely involved with diabetes.

  • Life etc. / April 27, 2017

    LIFE etc. celebrates individuals flourishing after battling cancer, sponsored by DynaLIFE Medical Labs. Featuring stories from Sorrentino’s Compassion House, LIFE etc. focuses on engaging personal experiences of those closely involved in the fight against cancer, from the survivors to the pathologists. Both informative and engaging, LIFE etc. also recognized the 20th Anniversary of Fashion with…

    Breaking Ground / May 3, 2016

    A custom publication for the Edmonton Construction Association, Breaking Ground is published quarterly. It is the only regional magazine with editorial developed exclusively for Edmonton’s thriving construction industry.

  • Avenue Edmonton / June 6, 2012

    Published monthly, Avenue is Edmonton’s premier lifestyle magazine. Since 2006, Avenue Edmonton has developed an excellent reputation and strong following of loyal readers for its award-winning, intelligent and thought-provoking perspectives on the people, culture and lifestyles that define our city.